Having started her first consultancy company at just 24, Sadie Sharp has been one of the youngest freelance female management consultants in the UK. 

Her core skill of transformational development has led to her helping hundreds of individuals and organisations transform through a number of her different ventures.

Sadie is a transformational entrepreneur; over the past 10+ years, she has started 5 companies, coached CEO’s, trained over 10,000 managers, spoken in front of audiences of 800+ people, done stand-up comedy, and launched a youth development social enterprise.


She now heads up a number of companies, holds Non-Executive Director positions in strategically innovative organisations, mentors not-for profit organisations to help them become more sustainable, and runs a social enterprise helping disadvantaged teenagers learn entrepreneurial skills.


Sadie’s specialism in transformational strategy and organisation re-design has led to her now being billed as one of the fastest up and coming thought leaders in what the future holds for the world of work and the people who operate within it, so she shares her views and experience on how organisations can keep up with the increasingly changing world we live in, and how individuals can use this changeable landscape to realise their full potential.


Please use the Contact page to inquire about booking Sadie to deliver a keynote presentations or any transformational consultancy / training.