Professional Speaking

After leaving law school realising that her lack of attention to detail would probably be a bit career limiting(!), Sadie made an early start in the world of management consultancy at the tender age of 22, using what little legal knowledge she had to tell small companies why they couldn’t fire people! Then, after a whole 18 months of experience and a shed load of youthful naivety, she decided to go it alone and set up her first consultancy business at 24. Since then, Sadie Sharp has been one of the youngest freelance female management consultants in the UK, working with a range of large organisations across the world.



Over the past 10+ years she has started 5 companies, coached CEO’s, trained over 10,000 managers, spoken in front of audiences of 800+ people, done stand-up comedy, and launched a youth development social enterprise, as well as having gone into business with the wrong partners, fired everyone and started from scratch, suffered from a breakdown and depression, and lost her mother to cancer in less than 2 weeks.



Sadie now heads up a number of consultancy firms, holds Non-Executive Director positions in strategically innovative organisations, mentors not-for profit organisations to help them become more sustainable, and runs a social enterprise helping disadvantaged teenagers learn entrepreneurial skills.


Drawing on her own personal and professional experiences, Sadie brings a thought provoking and inspirational insight into the world of work, the organisational practices that hold us back, and the possibilities that life can hold if you let it, and she never fails to entertain with her dry sense of humour and (sensitively honed!) stand-up comedy experience.


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Without fail, Sadie provokes, inspires, and equips people

to want more and do more in life and at work.


Sadie Sharp Speaker Showreel



“I would like to say thank you to Sadie for providing such an insightful and practical presentation. It made me think about alternative ways of perceiving, approaching and dealing with both work and life situations, thereby enabling me to work towards constructive problem solving. Sadie was thoughtful and engaging throughout, and I will definitely be looking to attend her other sessions in the future.” Devi Whittle, University of Exeter


Personal / Motivational Keynote Overviews

  • “Giving In To Giving Back” – An inspiring talk on how we are all full of good intentions to participate in socially valuable activities that are outside of our professional motivations, but put it off until “tomorrow” because making a living gets in the way of making a life. Sadie shares her experiences of youth work, fostering, working with the homeless, and launching her innovative youth development social enterprise, and how these experiences provided humbling life lessons that contributed to her personal and professional successes.
  • “The Power of Inexperience” – An insightful presentation into how starting a business at such a young age, in such a male dominated industry, with such little experience, felt like a huge weakness that Sadie fought daily to overcome whilst establishing her business. However, over the years it became clear that this inexperience was actually Sadie’s biggest strength, enabling her to see things differently from not being engrained in the “best practices” often cited in business. Sadie shares her ups and downs along the journey, and identifies how anyone can make their inexperience work in their favour with the right attitude!
  • “Early Life Crisis” – A humorous yet strikingly familiar insight into how we are the victims of our own success, and by continually focusing on what is coming next, we often forget the benchmark of what is a normal level of stress, pressure and responsibility in our lives until we run out of fuel and wonder how on earth things went so far. Sadie shares her experiences of how growing a business, hiring employees, managing an extended family, continually moving house, surviving a dysfunctional relationship, and a mission to climb Everest, all in the space of 18 months, drove her to a breakdown that forced an overdue evaluation of what life should be all about and starting from scratch to find a new direction and overcome long term depression.

Professional Keynote Overviews

  • “Futureproofing Business” – A factual insight into the forthcoming trends in the world of business and the people who work within it, along with the key “futureproofing” practices that organisations need to integrate in order to thrive, rather than survive. (Targeted at business audiences)
  •  “Beyond HR Best Practice” – A thought provoking insight into the requirements to todays and tomorrows business and workforce, and how HR practices are evolving so far beyond best practice they almost don’t look like HR! (Targeted at HR audiences)
  • “Beyond Change” – An illuminating presentation identifying what organisational practices need to exist in order for an organisation to become “reconfigurable” and how to build a culture that embraces change as the new BAU. (Targeted at business audiences, and specifically those that have just undergone, or are about to undergo change)
  • “Corporately Social” – An insight into how corporate organisation design principles can be adapted and applied to develop more sustainable third sector organisations, including using strategies like career ladders for volunteers, “sales” targets for youth development, and 360 feedback for Trustee performance management. (Targeted at 3rd sector / not for profit organisations)
  • “Lasting Leadership Lessons” – A collection of moving stories of exceptionally good and bad leadership practices seen in organisations over the past 10 years, and how every action that we take as managers will not only form the organisation around us, but leave a mark on people’s lives. (Targeted at business audiences and leadership bodies)